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Whats in the name

Over the years I've often been asked why I called the store frequency, this came about for a number of reasons some more obvious than others. Firstly we offered fashion that went hand in hand with the music scene, as a DJ since 13 years of age playing a number of genres but mainly Hip Hop, Drum and bass and UK garage, the style of clothing was unlike anything available for at least a 2/3 hour drive to London or Bristol to the nearest hip hop fashion store.

Secondly, around the time the name came about (2008 having previously being called Urban Soul from 2004) I had got heavily into Zeitgeist and conspiracy. As my ever growing knowledge and awakening was occurring and my perception of our existence was changing, Frequency was a word that really resonated (excuse the pun) with what I was into (and still am) with regards to understanding new layers in my neverending search for meaning in life. 

Thirdly, as the commercial appeal of US streetwear scene fell off a cliff for many as they switched to a tighter fitting UK brand driven scene for a while and with the decline of Hip Hop brands I felt the time had come to diversify to adapt and survive. A merge of UK brands such as Lyle and Scott, as well as the emergence in the limelight to streetwear heads such as myself of brands including Huf and The Hundreds, the pre-empt of the Vans explosion in the UK and with LRG being one of the only brands to truly cross transcend the change in direction and Frequency was symbolic of the different levels of mens branded fashion that was on offer. 

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