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Vaping is taking over!

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Vaping and fashion go hand in hand, with sub-ohm vape comps popping up the world over vapes are the ultimate accessory.

The public smoking ban has meant smokers and non-smokers are divided frequently. In the work place, on a night out and when travelling. No one can truly begrudge the removal of the smell of tobacco from restaurants and confined spaces, but with the invention of the e-cigarette, there is now truly a way the two groups can co-exist in relative harmony.

Why VAPE? 

Traditional cigarettes contain over 4000 chemicals, of which 69 are known to have cancer causing affects, Plus they don't smell very pleasant at all!Lets cut that down to size and focus on inhaling just the nicotine from vapour instead.

There are a range of devices that vaporise nicotine on the market right now, these include those more famous electronic cigarettes, designed to look similar to your classic smoke. They have a coloured light on the end to indicate its electronic and are loaded with cartridges at the back and fully rechargeable. These are generally sold in two flavours, Tobacco (Yum!) and Menthol. There are huge numbers of different brands, models and makes of these types of e-cigarettes, which begs the question:

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