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SPOTLIGHT | Mens Bags - Side Bags, Bumbags, and Backpacks - Festival season


Summer 2018 is looming around the corner so it's not long until festival and holiday season kicks in, with that in mind whether jamming in a field,somewhere sunny mashing it up on the dance floor or just out and about cruising on a quad it's always a good idea to keep a bag on you for your sunglasses and jewellery, cashflow and, cough cough paraphernalia!

To keep it locked we've got some decent pieces for you streetwear connoisseurs and sneaker obsessed party goers this season with a whole load of 1 strap a 2 strap shoulder bags and backpacks.


A massive trend kicking in right now is the 80's iconic bum bag (or as the yanks would call it, fanny pack which is always a giggle) but as I'm sure you know they're being thrown over a shoulder as a great solution for bulky items especially if you're  one of those who is rocking the skinny jean flex. Our collection of bags of this nature is building with goods bags from Dickies, Polar skate co and Kappa as well as a few others on the way shortly.


Dickies Penwell Bum Bag black