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About Parlez Clothing

About Parlez Clothing

What is Parlez Clothing?

Established in 2012, Parlez Clothing is a contemporary mens streetwear and lifestyle brand offering a range of clothing and accessories including Parlez T shirts, hoody, jackets, shorts, caps socks and more!

Where is Parlez clothing from?

Parlez clothing hails from Bristol. A city on the South West of England that has a history of urban culture, art and music, home to the likes of UK icons that includes Drum and Bass legend Ronnie Size and the Globally renowned street artist that goes by the name of Banksy. 

What are Parlez inspirations 

Parlez draws upon sportswear & nautical aesthetics, and place focus on simple silhouettes, functionality and understated branding. The ethos behind the brand is to create minimal, timeless staples where 'vintage and outdoor influence meets streetwear style'.

How does Parlez Clothing Fit

Parlez is a true to size brand, T-shirts tend to go up in 4inch increments starting from a 36inch chest on a size small. For full details on parlez fit, check out our Parlez fit guide.

Where to buy Parlez

Here at Frequency clothing store, we carry a hand picked selection consisting of the best of Parlez offerings season by season. Simply search in the brand tab at the top of the page to shop the PARLEZ brand.