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Uppercut Deluxe Hair products

What hairstyle do you rock? Pomp? Slick back, High Fade, Waves?

What ever type of style you wear Uppercut is no doubt THE go to hair care product if have any sense! Leading the way in quality mens grooming at a reasonable price, Uppercut has taken hipster barber shops by storm and we are proud to offer Uppercut at Frequency.

Which one should I use?

Well that is dependent on your style and the look you're trying to achieve, the most popular product on offer is without a doubt the pomade.


To coincide with the gigantic beard trend we have witnessed the rise of slickbacks and pomps, this has called for pomade sales to go thru the roof and uppercut has led the way. You don't need to have just either of these styles to use pomade, it's fantastic for anybody who wants a wet look without fuss or mess and it smells great too! Thankfully it's water based so it washes out easily too!


Another extremely popular choice is the featherweight option. Reminiscent of  cream and with a softer scent than the pomade, this is a low key product that can be work to keep any regular style in place.


Does exactly what it says on the tin, literally. If you want a solid hold, if you've got uncontrollable hair, then monster hold is for you.


This is ideal for textured looks, long blown over styles or anything that requires a strong matt finish in need of control but not something that will make your hair feel clogged.