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Karhu Has Arrived!

After being on the radar for a number of years, we're stoked to announce the arrival of Karhu footwear at Frequency Store!

For those who desire quality and style combined, Karhu should be a go-to brand if you’re looking for versatility, premium styling combined with outdoor/sporting function, and a build of the highest quality. It’s also great if you’re after something that you’re not going to see on every foot walking down the street. The brand not only provides all of the above but also boasts a very long-standing history. Let’s take a look at Karhu’s brand timeline, which spans over a century!


A Storied Journey: The Evolution of Karhu Running Shoes

1916 - Foundations of Excellence Karhu, a Finnish sports brand, is born. The company starts as a small workshop, crafting sports equipment like javelins, discuses, and skis for local athletes.

1920s - Sprinting to Success Karhu gains attention with its innovative track spikes. Finnish athletes sporting Karhu spikes achieve remarkable success on the international stage, setting the stage for the brand's commitment to quality and performance.

1952 - Olympic Triumph Karhu provides official competition shoes for Finnish athletes during the Helsinki Olympics. This move not only boosts the brand's global recognition but also solidifies its association with champion-level performance.

1970s - The Birth of an Icon Karhu introduces its iconic "M" logo, representing the Finnish word "Mestari," meaning "champion." This emblem becomes synonymous with the brand's dedication to producing winning athletic gear.

1980s - From Tracks to Streets Karhu enters the streets with running shoes designed for everyday runners. These shoes combine performance technology with comfort, gaining popularity among both professional athletes and recreational runners.

1996 - The Fusion Revolution Karhu launches the game-changing 'Fusion' model, a flagship running shoe that pushes boundaries in design and functionality. The 'Fusion' becomes a hit and sets the stage for future innovations.

2000s - Running with Legends Karhu's running shoes are donned by Olympians and marathon champions. The brand's connection to the sport's heritage remains strong through partnerships with running events and athletes.

21st Century - Bridging Heritage and Innovation Karhu continues its legacy with cutting-edge designs that incorporate modern materials and technologies. The brand's commitment to performance, comfort, and style remains unyielding, appealing to a diverse range of runners.

Present - A Lasting Legacy Today, Karhu's running shoes are celebrated for their blend of history and modernity. The brand's deep-rooted connection to running's past, paired with its unwavering innovation, ensures Karhu's place as a respected and influential name in the realm of running footwear. As the journey continues, Karhu remains dedicated to shaping the future of running, one step at a time.