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Huf x Streetfighter collab


Spring 21 sees an amazing collab between one of my all time favourite brands and most certainly my all time favourite iconic computer game franchises, the iconic Streetfighter. What more could any 80's baby want!

Spreading over 2 drops, the collection features classic Huf branding, re-worked with a SF twist, original characters and gameplay graphics over a range of Tees, Sweats, woven shirts, socks and hats as well as a Sake bomb set and a series of collectable skate decks.

Key Pieces

Blanka TT Tee 

The green Brazilian beast features on his own tee with an electric play on the infamous triple triangle logo whilst performing the electric thunder, super iconic and if mastered in play can become super frustrating for the reciever. A fave piece for me!

Huf x Streetfighter Blanka

Players Deck 

Potentially the most collectable piece in the collection is the players skateboard deck which features the iconic player select screen graphic that anybody growing up in the 90's should recognise. 

Bonus stage Tee

The last piece I'm gonna pick out as a key piece is the Bonus Stage tee. 

Whilst simple in design and as fun as it was smashing up your mate on the daily, the art of taking that car apart with different characters was a challenge in itself to discover (aside from Ryu and Kens axe kick). The beauty in this is it says all it needs to say without plastering itself.


As a life long player of Streetfighter (no one can beat me I'm telling you!), and as a stockist of Huf since 2009, as the store morphed from pure hip-hop fashion to include skate / contemporary store, I can't rate this collab highly enough! Just wish there were more pieces and some stand alone Sagat pieces. @Huf @streetfighter Thanks for the blessing!

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