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ELKA has landed! High quality waterproof jackets from Denmark

Born in 1958, from the unforgiving Scandinavian winters and wet seasons, Elka has worked relentlessly to provide protection from the elements with its technological know-how and workmanship deep heritage, producing technically advanced, functional water proof garments. With in heritage covering the backs of professionals who need waterproof protection from builders to fisherman, In 2007 Elka decided to launch a co-branded lifestyle collection that would bring their innovating techniques in waterproofing to the fashion world. In 2009 Elka's next move was to collaborate with the infamous streetwear heavyweight Norse Projects.

In 2012 Elka decided to go it alone and create their own lifestyle collection, crafted to the highest standards of course! You can now buy the best pieces from the Elka collection including waterproof Macs, coats and jackets at Frequency Clothing Store both online and in our Weymouth or Bristol outlets.