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The award for the biggest high st young fashion brand in the UK and the buzz brand for teens and gym goes from north to south is GYM KING.
The target market speaks for its self, the brand was created for males who regularly attended the gym and this is reflected in the products fit and styling.
From a collection that started  started with was a number of vests that came in a variety of colours and back then in 2014 this is really when the fitness hype started to become fashionable, meaning the co-founders of Gym King got the timing of launching the brand spot on.
With Gym King starting as a fitness, lifestyle brand one of the key aspects to get right was to make it desirable to a number of audiences.
Rather than just sticking to products for the gym goer, they started pitching the brand to a much larger audience by bringing in tracksuits caps, jackets and the rest. 
Now since the Gym King board at the Conor Mcgregor vs Flloyd Mayweather boxing match, the brand is going global!
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